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I find it difficult not to dedicate an own post to this element of the watch. It was clear that we were going to study every detail of our watches in depth and although initially it seemed simple, many options had to be discarded until we found the perfect combination between case and strap.

The part of the watch that is most in contact with the skin is the strap, and it is the one that keeps the watch attached. It seemed so obvious that it had to be robust, safe and of high quality that is why we chose the best ones. Tempore Lux watches are made to last over time and the straps could not be less.

There are countless types of watch straps on the market – metal, leather, fabric, silicone, rubber – but the choice of one or the other has to go with the type of watch and the use that you are going to give it.

Finally, for our first AUTOMATIC VINTAGE ONE series we choose two options: a vintage style MESH (Milanese) steel bracelet (also called Armis); and an Authentic Italian leather strap sewn of the highest quality.

MESH bracelet (Milanese):

Milanese mesh watches began to be seen in watchmaking at the end of the 19th century in the city of Milan. It was, at this time, that they became known. They became a popular option throughout the world during the decade of the 60s and 70s. Over the years the interest in this type of bracelets was lost, but nowadays they are being mounted again in style watches vintage by brands of great prestige throughout the world.

This type of bracelet gives the watch a vintage and very elegant look, as well as being very comfortable and cool to wear on the wrist.

Leather strap:

We can say that the leather straps were the first that were mounted with the appearance of wristwatches at the beginning of the 20th century. This type of strap is the one that is most seen in luxury watch brands for that distinctive and elegant look they give the watch and the person who wears it.

This strap is made of authentic Italian vintage style leather with sewn around and large brushed steel buckle. It is very striking at an aesthetic level and gives the watch a very elegant look, as well as being very comfortable and soft.

Exchange of straps and bracelets.

Just changing a strap for another color, or a steel arm, makes it look like a completely different watch, but normally we can’t play with them because to change them we need watch tools and if we are not very handy we can damage the strap or watch case, so to exchange them most of the time we have no choice but to take it to the watchmaker of our confidence.

Given the problem, we look for solutions, so in our watches we incorporate an easy open system that with only one finger you can exchange the straps in seconds. Thanks to this we can change the style of the watch with hardly any effort and at any time! why won’t they do it on all watches?

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