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Miguel A. Martínez is a technical specialist in Micromechanics and Watchmaking. Throughout his career, he went from learning about artisan watchmaking as an apprentice to receiving a scholarship as the first watchmaker in Spain in the class of 1996, which allowed him to pursue specialized studies —and his subsequent internships— in Switzerland, in luxury brands. the size of Omega, Rado or Tissot. 8 years ago he set up his own watchmaking workshop in Palma de Mallorca with the hope of creating a space where he can apply all the knowledge and work experience he has gained. In addition, it is worth noting a couple of other milestones in his career: he was selected for a project in collaboration with the Milan School of Watchmaking, and has become head of workshops for brands such as Omega.

All Tempore Lux watches are assembled in Mallorca (Spain) by Miguel A. Martinez of S’hora des Rellotge. Each Tempore Lux watch is assembled by hand, one by one, passing rigorous quality controls so that each and every one of the components works perfectly.

We are the only ones in Spain that have a high-level assembly service for our watches, such as the one offered by the company S’Hora des Rellotge. The quality of finishes and guarantee that this professional work offers us, will hardly be found in watches assembled in Asia.


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