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A DIVER watch is a high performance watch that has been designed for scuba diving. One of its main features is its airtightness, which allows it a water resistance that ranges from 100m / 10ATM to 1,000m / 100ATM and even more. Thanks to this, diving enthusiasts can explore even the deepest corners of the ocean.

In addition to their high performance, they have a minimalist and sporty design that makes it a unique piece of hard and, at the same time, elegant appearance. Since its inception, it has become one of the most demanded watch styles in the world.

History of Diver watches.

Rolex was the company that created the first waterproof wristwatch. In 1926, Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, filed a patent for an “Oyster case” in Britain. The components of the Oyster box include a screw-down crown, caseback and bevel. When combined, they seal the watch tightly like an oyster that prevents water from penetrating inside, similar to how a closed oyster is able to keep foreign particles out of its shell.

But Hans Wilsdorf did not invent it. The original design was patented by Paul Perregaux and Georges Peret a year earlier. Seeing the potential of the patent, Hans bought it.

In 1927, the Oyster series made its debut and quickly gained international recognition.

Main features:

Air tightness.

DIVER watches are subjected to tough tests of tightness and water resistance to be cataloged as such. The crowns of these watches are closed to thread to prevent the passage of water inside. For a watch to be considered DIVER, it must be submersible at least 100m / 10ATM.


DIVER watches have a rotating bezel numbered to keep track of immersion time and oxygen.


Diver watches have to be able to look perfectly in low light conditions, which is why Diver watches incorporate luminescent elements in indexes and needles to be able to check immersion times.

Construction with high quality materials resistant to corrosion such as steel, titanium or ceramics. Rubber or Nylon webbing, also called NATO, is often used for straps.


It could not be otherwise, the mechanism of these incredible watches has to be of high quality and reliability. Although there are also quartz, there is no Diver watch without a good Swiss or Japanese automatic caliber inside.

After all seen, you can better understand why our first design in Tempore Lux had to be a Diver watch. Besides it’s one of the watch styles that I personally like the most, its construction and quality is beyond doubt.

Our first V ONE series is a high-performance DIVER watch with a careful detail in both the selection of materials and the design, a pure DIVER that you can get at an incredible price.

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