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The campaign is over! And now is the time to produce your watches!

It has been a frenetic campaign up to the end. We got it thanks to the support of all of you! 

Thank you, thank you and thank you all for supporting the project. Without you, it would not have been possible.

We summarize what has been achieved in this campaign:

We have managed to unlock the extended target “white dial designs”, so you already have two other great designs available for your selection: the V ONE with white dial and the V ONE CHRONOGRAPH with panda dial

Now is the time to continue working and coordinate everything to start producing your watches.

I say goodbye giving my deepest thanks to all of you for having bet on our project, which from now on will go from being a watch project with approximately three years of development, to a new brand of high quality watches at a fair price called Tempore Lux watches


I would like to give special thanks to The entire Team that has been behind the project working day by day to get here:

Valentí Acconcia: Crowdfunding expert and a great person.

Daniel Lutz: Communication expert, a true wizard of texts!

Tahona Santana: Professional translator and unconditional support.

Aitor Carroza: Model and friend.

Jessica Marasovic: The best photography and video team in the world!

And other magnificent photographers who have collaborated, the graphic design team, the suppliers, the factory and a long etc.

Thank you.

David Ramírez

Tempore Lux watches

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