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Hello everyone,

In this post I want to give you the most important tips on the operation and maintenance of Racing One watches.

The Racing One series mounts the Seagull ST1901 mechanical caliber, which comes directly from the Swiss Venus 175 from the 1940s. This caliber is manually wound, it is NOT wound by hand movement, as automatic movements do. For the mechanism to reach its maximum performance, a full charge is needed, and if you do not use the chronograph function as it uses a lot of energy, the watch should keep running for about 45H.

How does my Racing One watch charge correctly?

The ideal is to wait for it to discharge completely, then without removing the crown you have to give about 25 or 30 turns maximum. (watch video)

Tips for maintaining your Racing One Chrono-Mechanical watch:

  1. Wind it when you don’t have it on your wrist, in this way, we can make sure that the crown and the charging spring do not suffer pressure.
  2. Do not give more than 25 or 30 turns to charge it, although the mechanism can accept a few more turns, it is recommended not to force it as it can break.
  3. If you are not going to use your Racing One watch for long periods of time, it is advisable to charge it a few times to keep all the parts of the movement moving. In this way, we prevent the lubricants from solidifying.
  4. Avoid bringing the watch into contact with hot water, as hot water damages the seals and can lose their water resistance.
  5. Avoid magnetic fields as much as possible, as they can even stop the operation of the mechanism.

Finally, it is highly recommended for mechanical and automatic watches to carry out maintenance every 5 years. Over time, the parts wear out and the lubricants need to be changed, in addition to checking joints, sealing and much more.

Miguel Ángel from S’Hora des Rellotge is the most suitable for me, mainly because he has been the person who has assembled your Racing One watch. In addition to his professionalism, being an Omega Longines certified workshop. S’Hora des Rellotge carries out watch repairs and maintenance in Spain with agreements reached with the SEUR company.

Thank you

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